Saturday, October 4, 2008

The ride itself was ridiculously scenic, going up and down the Toros Mountains.  The Scottish hills that I left a few days ago with the heather and the sheep has given way to rural Turkey with scrubby rock hills and goats. The bus stops every few hours for a quick stop at a roadside restaurant complete with squat toilets.  You have to have good aim.  When everyone goes out to stretch their legs, the bus get hosed down and the windows cleaned courtesy of various men in wellies.  Around midnight we get pulled over by the 'jandarma' who board the bus, collect our passports, inspect them, and wave us on.  I'm told it's to check for illegals mostly.  The stewards turns on the telly at the front, and most the bus moves up to the front to watch the football for a few hours.  We cruise on through the night for a grand total of 17 hours reaching Gaziantep at 9am.  

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