Saturday, December 8, 2007

Tick Tock

This is a rather special clock. It's the very first and oldest public clock in Paris, on the corner on the Conciergerie on Ile de la Cite. I think the original was put up in the 14th century but had to be replaced by this one put up in 1585.

Sunny the donkey

Just a little donkey a saw stuck to the car...

Barye Square

At the very end of Ile St Louis is this little park that looks out on to the Seine. It makes for a nice spot to have a seat after your stroll...

The walk home

Around 4 pm every week day the streets fill with children coming home from school. This was a Grandad who was picking up his little granddaughter from her Ile St Louis school one afternoon.

Pont de Sully

The Pont de Sully that connects Ile St Louis to the Latin Quarter and the Marais.

All in the details

A good amount of the windows here have darling little flowers that really perk everything up.

Thursday, December 6, 2007

I'll be back

Ran in to more problems with the posting, so I'll be back tomorrow with more updates...
By the way, I bought a vacation to lovely Tunisia(in North Africa for those who were wondering) yesterday, so I'm leaving on Sunday to spend a week on the Mediterranean coast, by the white sand beaches :)

Hotel Rolland

The Hotel Rolland(hotel in French can mean more than one thing, in this case, hotel means mansion or palace). Located on Ile St Louis, this was home to the Marquis de Soumont.

Graffiti Car

Someone evidently had a do it yourself surge of creativity.

Inside the Deportation Memorial

The walls are convered in poetry, the lights dimmed, and in the walls are the names of each death camp, from each location a bit of earth was collected.

Deportation Memorial

A memorial on Ile de la Cite commemorating the 200 000 French men, women, and children deported by the Nazis during World War 2. You arrive at the top of a starircase, have your bag checked, and head down the passage. Arriving in the triangular shaped courtyard, you wonder where the memorial is. Turn completely about, and see a narrow fissure between two walls; the entrance.

I'm Back!

I checked my inner miser, and parted with the 10 euros needed to transfer my pictures to a cd. I'm now going to make up for lost time, and have a good many posts over the next few days.