Friday, November 16, 2007

Buh Bye

Once again, the stupid timer is ticking away. I know the posts don't go into much detail, but it's really all I can do just to post the pictures before the time runs out. When my computer arrives sometime in the next few weeks, the posts should be a bit more descriptive. Until then, thanks to everyone for putting up with the current situation, and keep those comments coming. rock on

P.S: This isn't in Paris, just my favourite part of Dogma.

Places des Vosges

The statue of Louis the 13th standing the middle of the Place des Vosges(he was the mastermind of the square). I had taken a few pictures of the area, but the sun was very bright so they didn't turn out very well, so I'll take more on another day. Notice the lovely place it's created for the pigeons. They look quite comfortable.

Domestic Bliss

The adorable and charming courtyard of someone's house in the Marais.

Bastille Opéra

This is the Bastille Opera. It stands on the site of the notorious Bastille prison. After the revolution of 1789, the revolutionaries tore it down, and to celebrate(well to mark at least) the 200 year anniversary, they built the Bastille Opera house in 1989. That's where I'll be going to see the Nutcracker performance.

Place du Quebec

The Place du Quebec in St Germain des Pres (6e).


This one is for Dad. A street for Elzevir Block.

Bad boy street in the 4e.

Parc Villette

Do you streak?

A funny wall in the 19e.

Bassin Villette Part 2

Some more shots from around the canal. It really makes for a pleasant walk, and there's a nice bike trail on either side. The canal boat rides are 10 € and take 2 hours to cruise from the Parc Villette to the Musée d'Orsay.

An anti-war monument perhaps?

The racy ads

This ad was another during the previews. Yes, those are animals dressed as strippers haha. It looks even crazier on the big screen. Good tune though.

Bassin Villette

On Wednesday I was walking in the 2e, and caught sight of a nice looking building further North. I walked and walked, and wound up at the Gare de l'Est, in the 9e. The guidebooks had made me totally terrified of even venturing near the Faubourg Saint Denis. It's crap. The area is really interesting, the restaurants are authentic and there's not a camera or fanny-pack to be seen. I swear the guidebook publishers take commision for every tourist they send to Café du Flore. Anyways I walked along every street they told me to beware of and I loved it. I walked all the way up to the 19e, to the Bassin Villette. It takes you up to the Parc Villette, which is a modern playground, and home to the Science Museum. It was a very nice walk, and a wonderful change up from the tourist filled 1er.

Christmas at the ballet.

I'll be on my own at Christmas so I thought I would do something nice. The Nutcracker is being perfomed at the Opéra Bastille on Christmas Day, so I've gone and bought a ticket. The clerk had a horrible time with my spelling my name, so after a minute he just pushed a paper at me and told me to just write it.

Nespresso What Else? Part 2

Another version by Nepresso.

Nespresso What Else?

This was one of the ads that preceeded my movie this afternoon.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

I have new hats!

The other day I was walking along, and it was freezing! I thought my ears would fall off, and my fingers couldn't hold a pen. After that afternoon, I caved in and charged two new hats and a pair of gloves to the Mastercard. I feel very nice and toasty now.

Monday, November 12, 2007

Well that's all (for now).

A half hour left on this horrible timer. I'll have to spend it searching for showtimes, since I very much want to go see Amercian Gangster in it's original version. Anyone who's had to suffer through a French-dubbed English-made movie will understand. A bientot, and don't be shy about comments.

Sunset over Paris as seen from the Pompidou Center.

As my visit to the Pompidou center was ending, the sun had also decided to call it a day. The colour of the sky was beautiful, like a delicious multicoloured cotton candy cone. You can get the most wonderful views from the Pompidou; the Eiffel view on one side, and the Sacre Coeur on the other.

Most of the Pompidou has outdoor courtyards surrounding the galleries inside. This one had a pond with sculptures(no Taylor, not real people standing in the middle).

I'm not a narcissist, I'm not.

Some of you, I know, I know, definitely not all of you, have been asking for me in the pictures. Well I'd very much like to oblige, but I have little shreds of pride left that makes me blush when someone sees me taking pictures of myself around major monuments. Have fun laughing at these instead. I had a good laugh taking them(you guys are lucky that you haven't seen the ones I deleted ahah).

Oh my, I'm quite the poser, aren't I?

The best little cup ever(almost)

This is the one cup, well mug I guess, that I have. It's a very nice little mug and I had vague thoughts of kidnapping it when I left, but that wouldn't be very nice, would it?

Vielle Temple

I had started out the day planning to go to the Picasso museum in the Marais, but I wandered up to the 11e in search of a place for lunch and ended up at the square near Republique and rue du Vielle Temple.


As I have one hotplate, one bowl, one plate, one pot, a few glasses, one spoon, one fork, and one knife, my cuisine can be limited. Yummy little cheese twists were on the menu last night, along with the old stand-by of Chinese noodle soup.

P.S: What you're thinking is right; I do have way too much time on my hands.

Scamming the Man

Avi, the guy who sublets the place to me, was quite clever with his bills. Must be an old student trick. Anyways you put something, in this case an old phone card, in the meter, so it can read how much hydro you've used. Pretty cool, eh?


To go along with the lovely locks, I have some pretty bad-ass old school keys(well one of the three is old at least).

Lock, lock, lock.

To put your worried mind at ease, Dad, here's a show of the security measures at work. There's 3, count 'em, 3 locks to keep me safe and sound.

Now for the inside.

Don't turn your head away in fear of such a tiny place; it does very well for me. The table is very nice to have and is really the main feature of the room.

The lone decoration(other than a bit of grime), was this photo of Guy S. I've gone and forgotten what he did, but I'll take a guess at something philosophical.

The shelves, the sink, the good window, and the wonderful, wonderful hotplate. During the day I fold the mattress and the blankets under the sink so that I can actually walk.

A little heater and an electric toilet. It's actually plugged into the wall.

The desk and the undesirable window.