Friday, November 2, 2007

Under construction

Hey Everyone,

Very sorry about the half-finished site; I'm very very busy with all the last minute trip-prep, so the blog should be completely up and running soon. On a side note, my computer I had ordered, has been delayed, so I'll be doing few posts until that arrives.

Monday, October 29, 2007

Goodbye Montreal

So my bon voyage/goodbye Montreal weekend was a rollicking good time. Saw a bit of everyone (including Wanda Jackson, she is so darn cute and still kicking at 70), managed to eat half of the most enormous sandwich I've ever seen at Santropol, drank very bad warm beer, and went to St Jean; all in one day I might add. I have one week, that's right, seven whole days, to takeoff, and it's pretty wonderful. The posts will definitely be getting a bit more exciting and interesting once I actually get there, so don't condemn this as very boring quite yet, it will definitely pick up. Anyways, keep checking back and reading on. Comments would be great to keep up with everyone...