Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Easter in Amsterdam

I got a wonderful Easter present from my boss(although she was unaware of it); two consecutive days off! I only found out on Saturday afternoon, but by Saturday night I was on the overnight coach to Amsterdam. I arrived at 8 in the morning and walked around for a few hours, then found a bed at this very trippy hostel in the Old Center. The city is really pretty, there's flowers, bike, and boats eveywhere. The trams are deadly; they zoom past almost silently at crazy speeds, so you definitely have to watch out for them. On the plus side, all the tram conductors had little baskets of Easter eggs for the passengers. I wandered about most of the day and took the 8am bus back to London on Monday morning. Lucky me, I got the bus that was taking back the 16 year old boys rugby team back home. Still fun though. I don't have any pictures at all because my phone was dead, but had a wonderful day and a half there anyways.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008