Sunday, December 9, 2007

The Pied Piper of Paris

A street performer, painted all silver, who sits in front of the silver entrance to the Palais du Louvre metro station, playing a silver pipe. The kids that passed by were totally fascinated and giggled when he started dancing a jig. He works hard for his money, this modern day Pied Piper of Paris.


A little stuck on giraffe on someone's door in the Marais.

The Palais de Justice

The Palais de Justice on Ile de la Cite. To go in you pas through a metal detector and have your bags checked by some very serious looking officials. Past that, however, you get fantastic views of fresco-ed ceilings, carved cherubs along the doorways, rich dark wood panelling, you know, the usual haha. It must be a wonderful backdrop to work in for the suited lawyers though.


Decorated shop front on the Boulevard de Sebastopol.

Best of the Bread

Lionel Poilane, considered the maker of the best bread in the world. And I quote "the world's most-celebrated purveyor of old-style, handmade, oak-fired, thick-crusted, sourdough country bread." There's two Parisian branches of his bakery, and one in London. You can order the breads delivered next day all over the world. I did enjoy the bread, it was difficult to describe the taste, but should you feel like trying it out yourself 36 euros will get you a loaf to feed 6 at least.

Defenseur du Temps

The Defenseur du Temps in the Quartier de l'Horloge(the Defender of Time in the Clock District). It represents the man against three adversaries: the dragon, the crab, and the rooster, representing the earth, the sea, and the air. Every hour he's attacked by one of the three, except at 12, 6, and 10, when he's attacked by all three, accompanied by sounds of the waves, the wind, and the earth rumbling. At 2 and 8 he wins the battle, and the children who gather round cheer.

Oscar the Smiling Grouch

Oscar over the Dancing Banana(a tribute restaurant to Josephine Baker) on rue Pierre Lescot by les Halles.

Point Zero

This is Point Zero, located just in front of Notre Dame. All distances in France are measured from it. I had quite the time getting a shot with no feet in it because all the tourists walking on it, but I finally managed.


Someone got busy with the spraypaint on rue de Montmorency...

Ping Pong Me Part 2

Maybe I missed out on something, but it seems ping-ping is quite popular here. This is a father son team playing on a Saturday morning at the Square du Temple.