Saturday, October 4, 2008

Making my way to Fethiye

My first few days in Turkey were spent in Fethiye, a lovely town on the sea.  Brits make up 60% of all the tourists so English speakers are well catered for, and there's even a few cafes that will do you a proper fry-up.  After arriving at the Dalaman airport, about 60 kms away(this is at 12am) I had to wait 6 or 7 hours at the arrivals for the shuttle buses to start running.  I managed to make my way to the Dalaman Otogar(bus station) just before sunrise.  The first sign of my being in Turkey was the call to mosque as I sat waiting for the coach to Fethiye.  It was absolutely hilarious when all the town dogs started howling along.  All the animals roam completely free in the streets: I saw several dogs, a few cats slinking into alleyways, and then a couple roosters actually crowing the oncoming dawn.  First time I've ever heard that with my own ears.  Quite exotic.  The Otogar itself is just a series of wooden huts, one for each bus operator, in the village square.  I managed to find one to Fethiye, but the whole way there I kept falling asleep and barely made it off at my stop.  The photos are the square opposite the Otogar before and after sunrise

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