Thursday, October 16, 2008

A short summary of three long days

Let's start with just after the bus ride to Gaziantep.

Arrived slightly disheveled and tired, and found out that all the minibuses to the border wouldn't be running all day.  I got to talking with an English lady and her Turkish husband(back in Antep for his brother's wedding), and they invited me back to the family's house while we waited for an uncle to call us back on the border situation.   The brother that was getting married, Adam, and his mum were both at the bus stop to take us into the city by car.  

Everyone at the house was very nice, but spoke no English whatsoever, so in the absence of Ali, the English lady's husband and our translator, we managed with gestures, smiles, and plenty of one of the only words we knew "cok guzel" (meaning excellent).  

After a proper Turkish breakfast(very yummy), we took a drive to a small village by the Syrian border, where the family are originally from.  The uncle who had been called lived on a very nice farm with pistachio and walnut trees lining the drive.  A kitten and some roosters were walking about as we came up.  Tea was served along with fresh walnuts that Adam knocked down from the trees with a stick.  The uncle then tells us the border is closed for the next three days for Ramadan.  I'm then invited to spend the following three days attending the wedding celebrations.  Never did I ever expect to attend a Turkish wedding but it turned out very well.

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