Saturday, September 6, 2008

Oh my starstruck.

Just one more reason why London is pretty damn fantastic place to live in...

It was a dull, and rather slow Thursday morning, all the customers suspiciously absent.  I was of course indulging in my favourite customer lull pastime of catching up on my reading, and then the door opens and in walks, of all people, Helena Bonham Carter.  She came up to the counter and enquired about egg sandwiches before ordering a brown bread bacon sandwich and a cappucino. She had a nice, rather quiet voice, and was dressed in her usual slighty eccentric manner(please refer to the picture).  After bringing out the food, I had a furious internal debate about whether or not to bother her for a picture and look slightly silly, or play it cool and nonchalant.  Nonchalant won out, and damn it,  I really do regret it.  In any case, the highlight of the encounter was my being very helpful by bringing out a wet cloth after she overdid it on the ketchup, getting a great dollop on her skirt.  Exciting, right?  Well that was it really, I was very cool in the face of celebrity, but then again, I did make a rather excited call to my mum right after she left.  Oh the joys of cafe life:)

(The picture on the right is just a candid, however, she did seem to have the same skirt and handbag when she came in).

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